MCN foils bike bid con

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MCN Auctions has struck its first blow in the battle against potential fraudsters.

We monitor bids for unusual patterns and on Thursday (June 23) we spotted one user bidding on 18 different bikes in a matter of minutes.

We immediately suspended the user and contacted them to request an explanation. We were not satisfied with the claim that they were bidding on behalf of clients in Africa and immediately deleted their bids.

We can’t claim to offer 100 per cent protection from every potential conman (see MCN Auctions Terms & Conditions for more), but we do believe we go further than any rival in working to keep our Auctions safe for genuine motorcyclists to use.

Unlike other sites, every item offered for listing on MCN Auctions must first be approved by our customer services team – another level of protection only found at MCN Auctions.

If you spot bidding or items you believe are in any way dodgy, use the ‘Report this item’ function on an item in MCN Auctions to alert us. We’ll investigate immediately and take swift action when required.

See links right for more MCN advice on keeping conmen at bay when buying and selling on the web. It’s easy to protect yourself once you know how.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff