Video: BMW K1200 dyno

Published: 24 June 2005

BMW has unveiled a mean carbon-clad version of its K1200R naked street bike and you can see video of its Laser can roaring on the dyno.

The 178bhp monster has already become the firms next race bike, with a fleet of them providing pre GP entertainment as the BMW Powercup, replacing the Boxer cup.

Click here to see a clip of the 1200cc bike screaming on the dyno and sounding uncannily like the GP bikes it will precede on track.

If that wasn't enough for you then click the links below to see two clips of the full-faired version of the bike, the K1200S, lapping the Nurburgring in under 8 minutes and racing around the streets of Budapest.

Nurburgring: High quality, 17.6MB

Nurburgring: Low quality, 7.5MB

Budapest Duel: Streaming WMV file