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The RAC says there’s an urgent need to improve safety for motorcyclists on UK roads. And 47 per cent of us believe more police on the roads is the answer.

More cops could be the key to improving our safety because they should help deal with the poor standard of driving we have to contend with every day, those in favour say.

The call for more traffic police is among the findings of a new report by the RAC which also reveals that 94% of motorcyclists want a series of measures to improve safety on the roads.

Top choices for making the roads better include:

Road surface improvements (61%)

Better markings for danger zones (48%)

More traffic cops (47%).

And – according to the survey of 2000 road users we say the biggest threats to us are:

Urban traffic chaos (22%)

Poor road surfaces (18%)

Other vehicles speeding (11%)

But the survey also reveals that 36% of us admit to having suffered road rage / lost our tempers, while 29 per cent confess to speeding every day and 21 per cent admit they often ride too close to the person in front.

The RAC says its findings show the urgent need to improve conditions for motorcyclists on Britain’s roads, following publication of the Government’s strategy to make motorcycling ‘mainstream’

RAC head of legal affairs, Jonathan Gulliford, said: “Some improvements can be made by minimising bad riding habits, but wider safety issues can only be solved by addressing congestion and road maintenance, particularly as people increasingly turn to bikes to beat traffic in towns and cities.”

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