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The organisers of the Sheene Run around Rugby town centre have managed to secure two of Sheene’s World championship RG500s.

The bikes have been in Australia since Sheene emigrated there 21 years ago but they are being shipped back to the UK and prepared so that they can hopefully be ridden on the memorial run, which takes place on July 3.

One of the two bikes, from 1976 and 1977, will be ridden by commentator and host for the day Steve Parrish while negotiations are still going on to secure another rider of Sheene’s era to ride the second bike.

After the event the bikes will go on display at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu.

The roads of Rugby town centre will be closed for the Sheene Run and as well as the growing number of Sheene bikes putting in an appearance there will be loads of other race bikes, cavalcades of road legal machines, stunt riders and even a Mitsubishi works World Rally Car.

A collection of Brooklands racers will also be attending the event to recreate a 1920’s paddock and the atmosphere that went with the early days of racing.

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