Save on an HPi check

Make sure you don't buy a wrong 'un by investing in an MCN HPI Bike Check online now.

Simply click here or on the MCN Shop button on the main navigation and go to MCN Promotions.

The new online bike check facility has been designed specifically for bike buyers and will verify whether a motorcycle has been stolen, written-off by an insurance company or is subject to outstanding finance. Backed by MCN, the discounted service costs £35.95 (usual online HPI checks cost £39.95 and it's £42.95 if you phone).

HPI Director Martin Brassell, said, " One in 22 motorcycles checked through the MCN Bike Check are revealed to be subject to outstanding finance, which means a finance company still owns the bike. This could leave an unsuspecting buyer out of pocket and without a ride. A further one in 20 were recorded as having a plate change. While most plate changes are perfectly innocent, crooks can use a change of plate to try to obscure a vehicle's true past, such as accident damage. The MCN Bike Check provides you with an online history for each prior plate identified.

" In addition, one in 10 bikes have been recorded as being 'written-off' by an insurance company. This has serious implications for the bike's value and potentially its roadworthiness. A good bike is an investment and peace of mind is priceless, which is why we urge consumers to conduct an MCN Bike Check. And with the added convenience of the new online service, security is only a click away. "

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MCN Staff

By MCN Staff