Speed satellite control

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It emerged today that the real reason for the recent speed limit review was the intention to introduce satellite control of vehicle speeds.

This system will be controlled by a small device attached to your vehicle called the ‘Intelligent Speed Adaptation’ (ISA) and will be similar to a sat-nav system. It will know all the speed limits of roads, be able to determine your position from satellite signals and adjust the throttle or apply the brakes to prevent your vehicle from speeding. For bikes for sale Click here

For more than 2,000 product reviews Click here Paul Smith, founder of the Safe Speed road safety campaign said, “Initial trials of this system demonstrated the dangers of the system as drivers paid less attention, tailgated more and pulled into smaller gaps.”

He added, “Since the introduction of speed limiters in HGV’s deaths amongst drivers have risen alarmingly. With ISA drivers will turn into zombies with their foot planted on the floor trusting the satellite to control their speed. They won’t be ready to deal with hazards.”

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By MCN Staff