Bike test 'tax' slammed

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A motorcycling industry body has slated the proposed price increase in motorcycle theory tests saying it would create a £10m ‘stealth tax’.

   Nigel Osborne, chairman of the RMI Motorcycle Rider Training Association (MRTA), part of the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMIF), has condemned the move saying it will raid riders and create a huge increase in revenue.

   The price of theory tests for motorcyclists would rise from £21.50 to £28.50 if the proposal goes ahead.

   Osborne said: “This new fee would deliver a massive 32.5 per cent increase in revenue:  consequently the DSA would do itself no favours with the motorcycling community.”  A standard test would also increase by £2 and an extended test by £4 under the DSA’s proposal.

   “It is not helpful for the industry if motorcyclists feel they are being unfairly victimised by a hugely disproportionate increase,” added Osborne

   “After all, the Government is supposed to be encouraging people to use more environmentally-friendly forms of transport - raising the costs for then doing so is hardly a step forward.”

   The DSA say the extra revenue would pay for changes in motorbike tests and the creation of new testing centres.

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Sarah Carnell

By Sarah Carnell