Join the MCN speed camera campaign

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More than 100 bikers have already signed MCN’s online petition to have speeding fines frozen until speed camera equipment is tested, and now we want your help to make the Government sit up and take notice.
   We’ve posted the petition on a new website setup by the Government which allows you to post a petition online so a wider audience can read and sign the petition.
   When the petition has run its course, the petition and signatures are delivered automatically to Number Ten – so you don’t have to do anything to get your message to the people who matter.
   Our petition reads as follows: 

   “Speed detection equipment has been proven to be untested for it’s accuracy on motorcycles. Various devices have been proven to give inaccurate or false readings when used on motorcycles.
   “We petition the Government to freeze all speeding fines levied against motorcyclists until speed detection equipment has been tested and approved by an independent body for use on motorcycles.”

   To sign the petition, just go to and fill out the form. Your details are kept confidential.

Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging