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Are you worried about losing your driving license or having to pay through the nose to insure your bike? is an insurance policy that offers a safety net to bikers, keeping you on the road and your lifestyle on track.

If you lose your license due to speeding or totting, will pay for alternative transport.

And now the company is offering MCN readers the chance to win a gold level insurance policy worth £199.

This provides up to £2,000 cover per month – maximum of £24,000 per year.
For your chance to win click here and follow the instructions.

The competition closes on Wednesday, February 28, 2007.

You will need to register with the Great Competitions web-site if you have not already done so, your MCN registration will not cover this. See page two for terms and conditions


The Prize Draw is open to all UK residents aged 25 or over who enter on or before closing date of 28th February 2007. No purchase is necessary, but only one entry per person is allowed. Anyone who enters more than once will be excluded from the draw. The first name to be drawn at random will win a Gold policy, valued at £199.00. The winner will be notified on or after 28th February 2007. The winner will be selected at random and must claim their prize within 90 days of the draw. If the prize has not been claimed within this period entrants will be re-drawn. This prize may be offered in a limited number of other promotions. Persons involved in the promotion and execution of the prize draw, employees of the Promoters and their sister companies and/or their relatives and anyone in the employee’s household, and their sponsors are not eligible for entry into the draw. The Promoters are Emap Automotive Ltd, Media House, Lynchwood, Peterborough PE2 6EA. If for any reason beyond the promoter’s control it is not possible to provide the stated prizes, the promoter reserves the right to award alternative prizes of no lesser value. The promoter’s choice of alternative prize is final. No entries can be returned and no correspondence will be entered into by the promoter. The promoter accepts no responsibility for resultant loss or damage to persons or properties (other than death or personal injury due to negligence of the promoters or their agents) as a result of these prizes being awarded. We reserve the right to feature the names, photographs, and locations of winners in future promotions. The winner’s name will be available by post after 28th February 2007 by sending a stamped self-addressed envelope to Prize Draw, Direct Marketing, Emap Automotive, Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Peterborough PE2 6EA. The registered office of Emap Automotive is: 40 Bernard Street, London WC1N 1LW. Registered No. 696758.

Policy exclusions – We will NOT pay a claim under this Policy in the event that:
1. Any misrepresentation or concealment is made by You or on Your behalf in obtaining this Insurance.
2. You make a claim under this Policy that is false or fraudulent in any way.
3. You have not yet reached your 25th birthday.
4. You are not a resident of the United Kingdom.
5. You are not legally entitled to drive the Motor Vehicle that was being driven at the time of the incident or incidents giving rise to the claim.
6. You do not have a full Driving Licence valid in the United Kingdom, and have not held the licence for a minimum of two years.
7. The offence or offences leading to disqualification from driving occurred outside the United Kingdom.
8. The offence or offences leading to disqualification from driving include offences of driving under the influence of drink or drugs (DVLA code ‘DR’) or reckless/dangerous (DD), careless or inconsiderate driving (CD).
9. You have, at the commencement of the First Period of Insurance, more than eight penalty points for an offence or offences committed within the previous three years endorsed on Your Driving Licence.
10. You have, at the commencement of the First Period of Insurance, committed an offence that results or may result in Your Driving Licence being endorsed with penalty points that, on their own or with other relevant penalty points, total more than eight points.


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