Road info causes crashes

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The director of the RAC Foundation has told the Institute of Highways and Transport "Driver Information" conference that motorsists are in danger of crashing becuase of an inability to decipher all the information that is thrown at them on journeys.

Whereas clear, relevant and timely messages can aid drivers and improve safety, clutters of contradictory signs lead to confusion and collisions. Surveys by the RAC Foundation have found that more than half of UK motorsists admit to not understanding even basic signs in the Highway Code, and over half get lost during holiday journeys. In urban areas at any time up to 15 per cent of drivers are lost, with thousands of road signs confusing the issue, being removed, or becoming obscured with grime or foliage.

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And a scientist at King's Collgege, London claims that information overload can harm concentration more than marijuana, with men twice as likely to be distracted as women.

RAC Foundation exectutive director Edmund King has suggested road authorities take action including:

reviewing signage at locations with a history of collisions.

signs should be erected, or road surfaces marked, much further back from all multi-lane entries.

all road signs should be regularly maintained, cleaned, kept free of foliage and be accurate. An example is a bilingual sign in Wales which has contradictory instructions in English and Wlesh.

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By MCN Staff