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Your Special: Bike 4. Mark Griffith's Suzuki RGV500.

I bought the bike as a 250 about six years ago. It was very nice, but underpowered, so I got Bob Farnham to do a 300cc big bore for me. That was better, but I needed more!

I had a chat with my friend Scott of Reservoir Cogs and he sorted me out with a Stage 3 Gamma engine and electrics. All i had to do was fit it! I had a word with stuart of Reflex Engineering and he said we could do it. The right hand frame rail had to be cut back to get the clutch case in and line the engine up right then he welded all the internal webbing of the frame back in pukka job! I then fitted a 6mm alloy plate across the top frame rails for extra bracing and had the whole lot stove enamaled silver. It all went together well, but then came the nightmare of fitting the pipes.

The bottom two were fine, but the top two took a long time to get right. Eventually I was able to finish the bike off with a Lucky Strike paint job. Mark Dent put it on his dyno and it kicked out 111 bhp at the back wheel, and since then I have fitted straight cut primarys to it and have been told they are good for 5 bhp.

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Spec: 570cc big bore kit. Stage 3 Stevens tune. Additional tuning by Mark Dent. 31.5mm carbs. High-flow valve kit for carbs. ITG filter kit running 260 main jets. 4 degree ignition advancer. Straight cut primary gears. Swarbrick race pipes end cans by Mark Dent. AP six pot calipers up front, AP mini caliper rear, AP adjustable ratio master cylinder. PFM discs all round. Yamaha R1 rear master cylinder. Penske fully adjustable race shock. Maxton springs. Goodridge hoses, and more!

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