BMF call to save biking

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The BMF is launching its biggest lobbying campaign at the BMF Show on Saturday May 20, 2006, in an attempt to stop restrictions on learners in the Third European Licence Directive.

A postcard and internet petition campaign will target Dr Stephen Ladyman, the Minister of State for Transport , seeking the complete removal of motorcycle measures and a seperate motorcycling directive in three years time, with a review of existing research and best practice. At the BMF Show 10,000 pre-printed postage paid postcards will be handed out, supported by an online petition of the BMF website.

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"We are not against change but the motorcycling elements are ill-founded with no defined safety benefits," said BMF's Richard Olliffe. "We want the positive proposals from our Government's Motorcycling Startegy implemented"

To sign the online petition. Click here. (external site)

The Directive is exected to go for a final vote in late June and the BMF says it will discourage learners leading to a decline in bikes, deny society the benfits of motorcycling, be difficult to understand and even harder to enforce, and have no safety benefit.

To read the new rules for motorcycles from the Third European Driving Licence Directive, click here.

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