High power JBL Kawasaki

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We’ve all seen the boy-racer cars filled with ICE and thumping along the road, well JBL, sponsors of the Hawk Kawasaki BSB team, thought there was no reason why they couldn’t do a bike as well.

The ZX-10R was on the Kawasaki stand at the BMF and is a seriously impressive bit of customising with speakers and amplifiers all over the place.
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The bike was converted from a 2005 race spec Hawk bike and no features a 10-inch sub in the tank, 12 speakers, two iPods, a Sony PSP, a dvd player and screen and a remote control for the lot. You can even plug a guitar in to a jack in the end of the exhaust.

The whole lot is powered by two massive amps in either side of the custom-made fairing putting out about 1500 watts.

Click the video below to see the bike in action.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff