Clubhouse fight

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HELLS ANGELS in Arizona are fighting to keep its clubhouse after the Arizona Attorney General’s office decided it wanted to buy the building under state forfeiture laws.

Sonny Barger, a co-founder of the Hells Angels and member of the Cave Creek outfit, said: “Somebody in the state wants to say they threw us out of the clubhouse, even if they’ve got to buy it to prove it. Where do they get the money to do that?”

Attorney General Terry Goddard, said state lawyers would not comment on why they are trying to buy the house, where the purchase money would come from or what the plans are for the building.
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Not all the locals want the Hells Angles out. Local neighbour Wilma Fenby, 74, who has lived across Ironwood Drive for the past 29 years, said the Hells Angels have been good neighbours. “The only time I go outside after dark is if they’re over there,” Fenby said.

“I’m more scared of the dopers. Since the bikers moved here, they don’t come around anymore.”

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff