Jones' world record stoppie

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Stunt rider Craig Jones has broken another world record for the world’s longest stoppie – this time a two-up effort on his Buell Firebolt.
The breathtaking two man effort saw former European champion and co-rider, Wing Chui, travelling an astonishing 305 metres together on their Buell Firebolt XB12R’s front wheel. 
The new record was set on a damp day at Donington Park race circuit. 
Jones took the Buell Firebolt to speeds in excess of 120mph before jamming on the front brake and balancing the bike on its front wheel. 
The Buell Firebolt exited Coppice Corner and travelled along Donington’s famed Dunlop Straight before Jones bypassed the ‘Fogarty Esses’ and lifted the rear wheel. With only a few metres of damp tarmac to spare, the back tyre touched down at a distance of 305 metres. 
Jones said: “Wing and I have worked and performed together for several years and you need to have total faith in each other, especially when you have two guys sharing the same motorcycle and performing manoeuvres that test your body and the bike to the limit. 
“This record attempt was our way of pushing the Buell Firebolt and our own capabilities further than ever before and we think we managed to conclusively prove that Buell motorcycles are capable of some pretty extraordinary things.”
In 2003, Craig Jones set the world’s longest solo stoppie record of 225 metres on his Buell and the very next year he beat his own record by reaching a staggering 266 metres on the Buell Firebolt. 

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