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I thought you might like see some pictures from a road racing event we attended here in Ireland during the summer. It was the Walderstown races, organised by the Fore MCC. Road racing is still hugely popular over here - even more so than track racing and I have to say, it makes for a great day out. It was July, the temperatures reached 30 degrees that day, which made for some very interesting racing indeed - especially when the road surface began to melt in the heat!

The first picture was the first accident of the day, when the poor unfortunate lost traction on the melted tar and slid it down the road, bringing another racer with him. Both were ok but the first guy needed to be brought off in an ambulance and a few teams pulled out after that, as they said that conditions had gotten too dangerous. The commentator mused that that was indeed a first for Irish road racing, as normally races would be stopped due to torrential rain! The second was when one lad took the corner a little too sharply and almost ditched it - but he recovered well. Pictures 3, 4 and 5 are some nice shots of the racers as they came down the straight and took the corner before the start/finish line, pictures 6 and 7 are of some of the classics and the last picture was one lad celebrating his race win in style!

There were a few more races before they called it a day, including the good old classics! Hope you enjoy the pictures - I know we enjoyed the day

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Jhone Cunnane

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By Jhone Cunnane