Petrol station angers MCN reader

Following the MCN article on petrol stations... Here's one for you...

A few weeks ago on a sunday morning i went into my local Jet garage on
Boroughbridge Road, Knaresborough. filled up before my rideout, and on
my return later also decided to fill up.

When i filled up first thing in the morning i wasn't asked to remove my
helmet, on the return leg, i filled up, but on entering the shop i was
asked to remove helmet. on telling the guy behind the counter what
happened when i filled up in the morning i stated that i was not
prepared to remove my helmet, they had all my details on CCTV camera
(i.e. make of bike, registration etc...), and if he didn't want my money
for the petrol then i was prepared to leave. he just shrugged his
shoulders, accepted my money and i left....!!!

Also, i have filled up in numerous petrol stations in London and have
never been asked to remove my helmet.

It would seem there are double standards from petrol station to petrol
station. also, young kids wearing hoodies and baseball hats who are
impossible to see on any type of CCTV camera are never asked to remove
their caps etc...!!

What is wrong with the world today..?

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Keith Richardson

Reader's article

By Keith Richardson