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Speed camera v police

Published: 01 November 2006

The BMF has welcomed the call by the House of Commons Transport Select Committee for more road policing.

However the group are not pleased by the argument for automatic vehicle speed control.

This latest revelation from MPs comes from the ‘Roads Policing and Technology: Getting the Right Balance’ report published on Tuesday, October 31.

In the report it is stated road policing should be more about deterrence than about maximising the number of drivers and riders caught for offending. The BMF has always viewed speed cameras as a crude substitute for visible policing, which is more suitable to raise driving standards. Quality bikes for sale: Click here.

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Product reviews: Click here. The body which represents riders agrees drink driving, drug driving and mobile ‘phone use are serious offences that drivers are getting away with due to a lack of traffic policing.

BMF Government Relations Executive, Richard Olliffe, said: "Road safety should be about more than just keeping to speed limits. We accept that speed cameras have a role to play, but such equipment should only be regarded as a supplement to road policing and sited where there are known problems. They should act as a deterrent to the inappropriate use of speed and not used for traffic calming, revenue raising or boosting statistics of convictions for traffic offences."