Brunstrom slams bikers

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Richard Brunstrom, the notoriously anti-bike Chief Constable of North Wales Police, has done it again with a blog post slamming motorcyclists as “dangerous” and “reckless”.

Brunstrom is known for hitting out against bikers and this time he has used a video to help back his claims. The film was shot from a helicopter and shows two bikes undertaking along a stretch of dual carriageway.

He uses the clip to hit out at all motorcycle riders saying they are “dangerous to the point of recklessness to their own lives and for those of other road users.”

The Cheif Constable makes a half hearted attempt at the end of the article to point out North Wales runs a BikeSafe course but after six paragraphs of bike hate it comes across as a little weak.

See North Wales Police response to MCN in the October 25th edition. Read Brunstroms blog post here and tell us what you think of this latest rant and hear what others have to say on our forums here.

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