Active Kawasaki ZRX1200R

Published: 04 April 2007

Certain bikes are legendary in Japan and one surprising favourite is the old Kawasaki GPZ900R. But despite initial appearances, this isn’t a GPZ.

Instead of taking the old GPZ900R as the basis of its special, Japanese firm Active has used a much more modern ZRX1200R and added a GPZ fairing to transform its looks from 1970s-style muscle bike to 1980s superbike as its centrepiece at the Tokyo Motorcycle show.

The body isn’t the only change, though, as Active has also worked to give the hefty ZRX the handling and braking to live up to its tweaked looks. The firm has created a new aluminium swingarm from scratch to suit the bike, and added wave discs.

On the performance side, a very stylish – and loud – exhaust comes from the fabulously named Ohnishi Heat Magic tuning firm, while the airbox has been ditched in favour of polished chrome intake trumpets on the carbs.