Leap of faith

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Evel Knievel has found God according to an interview with his local paper, the Montana Standard. The legendary daredevil, who has been fighting pulmonary fibrosis for several years, has been baptised by televangelist the Rev. Robert H. Schuller.

Speaking to the Montana Standard, he said: “I know that when I leave this earth, God’s going to take care of me, and I’m going to be all right. God has got me in the palm of his hand. When I die, I’m going to go to heaven.”

He also revealed that he has been given a glimmer of hope in his fight against the normally fatal lung disease which has left him needing to breath pure oxygen. He didn’t reveal details, but said: “I’m a long ways from dying. I have new hope from my lung doctors.”


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Ben Purvis

By Ben Purvis