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Following our story on the winner of the AMD European Custom Championship (see related stories), here are the two runners-up:

Second place: Rock 'N Bike

Using a more common 883 Harley engine instead of the Buell motor favoured by some competitors, the clip-on equipped Rock 'N Bike by French builders Art of Racer is covered in machined and drilled holes for a lightweight race look. The chassis features rigid suspension all round and a leisurely 42 degree rake angle. Wheels are also taken from the donor Sportster , but with polished shrouds to hide the spokes. A hand change (complete with a skull design shift knob) isn’t exactly race-spec either.

Third place: The Crosser

An unlikely mix – motocross style and a 1982 Harley Shovelhead motor (tuned with S&S tuning parts). The rigid frame looks supports two 21” Akront motocross rims with knobbly tyres (the rear is particularly cool – the hub is a single sided design supported only on the left hand side!) and a single brake caliper bites onto the rear drive sprocket. Built by French firm Riverside Motorcycles.

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Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging