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Brough Superior up for sale

Published: 18 April 2007

The most famous name in motorcycling history is being sold-off at auction next month.

Alec Card, 80, has decided to sell the Brough Superior name off to the highest bidder on May 5 as part of the Legend of the Motorcycle auction in California.
Card told MCN: “I’m getting too old to be dealing with it now, so I though it was time to sell the UK, European and Japanese rights to whoever wants to bid the most for it.
“I will be keeping the rights to produce the Jap engines though – it’s the Brough name I am selling.”

Although Card says he will sell the name to the highest bidder on the day, he admitted that ideally he would like whoever bought the title to remain building classic motorcycles in the original Brough style.

“I am not sure there is enough money to be made out of building bikes now, it costs so much to develop and build a bike that I don’t think it’s very easy to keep competitive,” he added.