Sick Brunstrom parades headless biker

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North Wales Police have unveiled photographs of a decapitated biker in its latest anti-speeding campaign.

The image showed the man’s head with his eyes still open lying on a grass verge. In another shot the torso is embedded into a car.

North Wales Police Chief Superintendent Geraint Anwyl said the head was torn off by the force of the impact, he explained: “His oxygenated brain went flying down the road for 50 metres, before he expired. It’s horrific, I’m sure you’ll agree.”

The gruesome images were shown to journalists and local authority representatives at a meeting to promote the road safety work of North Wales Police.

North Wales Police Chief Richard Brunstrom said excessive speed caused the accident. Brunstrom said: “We did it to serve a purpose. The images are there to make an impact today.”

However, Brunstrom also confirmed that the families of the dead men were not aware the images were being used in the presentation. The identities of the victims were not given however the details of a distinctive T-shirt worn by the motorcyclist was shown with the slogan: “Piss off and catch some real criminals”.

Brunstrom promised that the next phase of the campaign would be softer edged with more education and less punishment.

  • If you think Brunstrom should step down following this gaff, then email here,, with your full name and address, and ‘Brunstrom’ in the subject line.

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Tom Rayner

By Tom Rayner