Speed Ferries cancellation fiasco

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MCN readers have contacted us to say the first they knew about their cross channel ferries tickets being cancelled is when they read it in MCN.

Stuart Mathews had a crossing booked from Dover to Boulogne for the start of June and as far as he was concerned his reservation was still going ahead.

However, when Mathews saw the MCN article “FERRY BAN ON BIKES” he decided to contact Speed Ferries to make sure everything was ok.

However, he was informed that his reservation had also been cancelled and that Speed Ferries had not yet had the opportunity to let him know.

Mathews said: “The annoying fact is that I have received at least four advertising e-mails from them in the last four weeks but they are unable to tell me that my booking has been cancelled.

“When I questioned her further she told me that this was being done on health and safety grounds but I pointed out to her the reason given in MCN that it was due to excessive insurance claims.  Sadly, she had no answer for this and just informed me that they could do this and there would be no compensation and that they would not be responsible for finding me an alternative ferry.”

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Tom Rayner

By Tom Rayner