Bad night out riding

Thought I’d share this crazy night's riding with you…

Six people thought they’d meet up at the Ace Café, on a dry warm Wednesday night.

Five of them arrived on time.

One lad said he’d laid his bike down while trying to get his knee down going around a roundabout earlier in the day (diesel!). He had dented a section of aftermarket exhaust but managed to wedge himself between floor and fairing to avoid further damage.

He had already jinxed the thing as soon as he asked his mate to get off and take photos. To make matters worse, a cameraman missed the off! That was an SP2. Gutted.

We then got a phone call from rider number six saying he’d had a nasty off on the A40 at Northolt.

We decided to go and see if there was anything we could do at the scene.

All the traffic was stopped and some keen filtering got us to the accident. Rider number six was up and about, but his pillion, who was his wife, was lying still on the floor with her helmet being supported by a witness.

She was then airlifted to the local A&E after reporting loss of feeling in her legs but was later given the thumbs up.

That was a 2006 R6. He escaped with cuts and bruises. We helped get his wrecked bike back to his house then decided to call it a day.

Three lads were going via the Ace Café to get some grub on the way home.

At the first roundabout after leaving rider number six's house a car swerved and cause one of the guys to brake hard.

The two behind him had to swerve to miss him, both riders came off, one lowsided (his was a VFR) with cuts and bruises, the other highsided after skidding into a curb and broke his collar bone. He then spent the night in A&E (a one-month-old GSX-R750).



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Paul Bromham

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By Paul Bromham