Safety speed camera liability

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In December 2006 I was en route to work that morning when it was dark and the roads were wet.

It was that kind of morning when most of the trees dropped there leaves, and a speed safety camera was sited on Long Lane, Hillingdon. I went down hill and there was a zebra crossing 100 meters on.

I stayed at 30mph passing the speed camera following a car with a distance of 50ft between when the fool jack’s the brakes on so hard on anti-skid surface.

I immediately hit my gixer brakes and they locked up. I went down on its side and slid 30ft untill the gixer was under the Ford Focus in front.

The driver said they braked very hard because the car infront had done at the camera and oh you damaged my car. Never mind my gixer or me.

It just shows you that speed safety cameras are making drivers wack on their anchor’s.

If you stay at 30mph you will have cars up your rear so you can’t win.

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