DVLA’s secret talks on electronic tagging for motorcycles

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DVLA is secretly consulting with number plate manufacturers on fitting all new motorcycle plates with electronic ID tags.

The tags, or chips, would transmit details to roadside or handheld police readers, allowing us to be identified and tracked on the move.

The current issue of MCN reveals how the DVLA has given number plate manufacturers a questionnaire which proposes fitting all new motorcycles number plates with Electronic Vehicle Identification (EVI) chips. It asks questions such as: “What effect would EVI have if new business practices were introduced to ensure plates are programmed at manufacturing stage?”

The DVLA says it’s not an official public consultation – but you can gatecrash the party and make it public by filling in the questionnaire and submitting it to: David.Whitbread@dvla.gsi.gov.uk

Click here to download the quetionnaire.



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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell