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Video: Med Hughes: “We are expected to abide by the law”

Published: 05 December 2007

This video clip of shamed top traffic cop Med Hughes shows him preaching about the benefits of speed cameras – just a month before he was nabbed by a camera himself.

He was caught on camera in May, and banned today for 42 days for doing 90mph on an A road.

The clip was recorded in April for the DVD: "How to avoid speeding fines and points legally"

In it he argues that speed cameras have proved to be ineffective at best as a road safety measure and offers considerable evidence to support the claim, as well as offering valuable advice to all motorists.

Jon Parker, producer of the DVD, said: "Mr Hughes actions are absolutely remarkable as he doesn't seemingly practice what he preaches. Our research in compiling the DVD indicates that it's far more likely that Mr Hughes was wrong in the preaching than the practising. Despite the speeding laws being broken countless million of times each day only about 5% of injury crashes involve any vehicle exceeding a speed limit."

Meredydd Hughes was asked to appear in "How to avoid speeding fines and points legally", to balance up a debate which also challenges whether speed cameras are effective in their role for safer roads.  He did so with the vigour and passion which one would expect head of road policing policy for ACPO. For example, he says, "You all need to remember that the British Public is not just composed of drivers and that pedestrians, horse riders, the elderly and the young all have a right to use the road and not just petrol heads who want to go as fast as they like."