Ebay scam

Published: 04 February 2007

An MCN reader has asked us to warn people of a scam which is being used on eBay.

Below is his story:

I tried to buy a trike advertised on eBay but it suddenly disappeared totally off their site . 

I contacted them three times asking if it was genuine and asking where it had gone and they told me it's showing in your My eBay but to check the guy’s feedback which I couldn't do because they had wiped it. 

Mistake number one on my part I paid for it through Western Union which I now know I shouldn't have before you all get cocky and start telling me but the e-mails were very convincing and with eBay not telling me why it had been removed I took it to be ok. 

The scumbag as soon as he got the money stopped communicating so I contacted the police who basically fobbed me off and sort of said tough luck. 

I then contacted another seller of a dearer trike and got exactly the same letter in return wanting me to close the deal. 

I new it was a scam which is why I contacted them and it's obvious that it's an organised scam so contacted the police again and they didn't even pretend to be bothered probably out hounding some motorist doing a few mile an hour over the limit. 

I kept all e-mails which I still have and I contacted eBay to tell them the scam is still running and they replied that they act harshly on all scams and they were sorry I'd lost £3,425 but get this. 

The Scam is still running as I type this to you. I'm 50 and have biked nearly all my life but due to ill health I'm finding it hard to man handle a decent bike now so I thought a trike would be ideal.

That now has gone and it looks like I'll have to give up biking soon due to the scum that would rather rip people off than work for a living. 

I won't be able to save another £3,500 now so I just want to warn your readers. The person that scammed me said he was a medical student returning to Germany and was selling the trike.

He called himself Victor Beeley but I now know the e-mails originated in this country and the one running on eBay as you read this calls themselves Kim Pearson another newly qualified medical student returning to the Netherlands. 

Don't do as I did and fall prey to these scumbags or the scum that call themselves eBay because they don't give a toss if you get ripped off as long as they don't have to pay you out.