MCI backs safety classes

Published: 12 January 2007

The news that the Department for Transport is considering the introduction of safe driving sessions into the school curriculum has received support from the Motorcycle Industry Association.

Under the scheme learner drivers would have to practice for a minimum period of time, keep a record of all their training and demonstrate they have a responsible attitude rather than just the skills to pass the test.

The MCI’s Director of Public Affairs said, “The MCI supports initiatives that help to make roads safer and young people more aware of risks.

“The more that can be done to educate all road users can only help to make the roads safer for motorbike and scooter riders too.   “Young people can also benefit from learning to ride a bike as it offers a cost-effective and convenient form of transport to give them the freedom and flexibility to travel to college and work.”

The proposal is being considered in light of the statistics which show that young male drivers aged 17 to 20 are almost ten times more likely to be killed or suffer serious injury behind the wheel compared to men between 40 and 59.