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James Toseland led a band of bikers in Central London in the world’s first bike orchestra.

He was accompanied by renowned conductor and award winning composer Stephen Montague who had devised a symphony with a difference – the orchestra will be accompanied by eight revving motorcycles!

The musical masterpiece has been sponsored by Bennetts who are hoping to raise awareness of bikers with other road users in a bid to reduce the number of accidents.

Montague told MCN: “Honda mopeds will provide the soprano, Harley-Davidsons will provide the deep bass notes and we’ll have everything in between – it’s the first time anybody has ever attempted anything like this before.”

James Toseland, a classically trained pianist, will be playing his grand piano for the final recording.

Bennetts are currently auditioning bike exhaust notes in an X-Factor style competition. 

If you reckon your bike has got what it takes then enter via: (external site).

The search kicked off today at the Vauxhall Cross Interchange in South London, one of the worst accident black spots in the UK.

Those who qualify will be performing in the opening rounds of the Bennetts British Superbike Championship in front of thousands of fans.

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Tom Rayner

By Tom Rayner