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Hi guys! Bikes are always being bad mouthed, looked at like death traps, banned from this and that, when it's the stupid topless in the winter boy racers, with their neon lights, huge exhausts, and foul attitudes that are the problem!

My dad's recently had an accident that involved one of the many idiots in the done up, still look like crap cars, pulling out on him, because he was racing his friend, slammed on his breaks cause he saw dad's headlight and panicked. Dad did an emergency stop  and went into the back of the car, rolling over the front and the bike going up in the air and hitting the central barrier!

He was left with a broken and dislocated wrist that involved an operation, a fractured ankle, and broken thumb which was found three weeks later (useless hospitals) which again was operated on! Six months down the line and the insurance still hasn't gone through, the policeman said to us that dad's bike is the worst smashed up bike he's ever seen (well duh, the bikes in half!)

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