How long can it take?

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I won first prize for the Inpsired Art Fair and Ministry of Sound Aprilia Art Challenge for some artwork that I made for Aprilia in November 2006. I was given, with much fanfair and some press, a new Aprilia scooter, which did not arrive until February 2007.

I picked up my new scooter and rode it for one month, until it broke down on March 8. It was under warranty and I assumed it would be back soon. Now, here I am more than five months later, still waiting for parts to be delivered to the shop, so I can have my scooter back.

The entire spring and most of the summer has gone by, while I pay insurance and tax, all without enjoying the use of my scooter. I have phoned many different branches of the Aprilia empire and all they ever do is pass the buck to some other poor sod. This 'prize' has actually cost me hundreds of pounds now. How long can a company take to repair one little bike?

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jody boehnert

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By jody boehnert