See a preview of the Hot Rod film, and play the official game

If you’ve ever dreamt of emulating Evel Kneivel, then the new film Hot Rod will make you glad you never got around to it.

With two actors and a director from U.S comedy show Saturday Night Live, and Hollywood comedy star Will Ferrell as an Executive Producer, the film features plenty of laughs and whince-inducing stunts as amateur stuntman Rod Kimble (played by Andy Samberg) attempts to win the respect of his step-father (Played by ex-Lovejoy Ian McShane) by raising money for a life-saving heart operation. The only problem is that he needs to jump 15 buses to do it.

The film is released in August, but in the meantime you can watch a trailer, right. And you can also try the addictive official Line Rider game, which allows you to design a track and ride as Rob Kimble. To play the game right now, click here, and follow the link to play the game.



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Dan Thornton

By Dan Thornton