Yamaha R1 power for Swiss-built sports quad

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This is the world-first picture of the new R1-powered sports quad from Swiss firm GG Technik.

Using a similar design to the BMW R1150GS-powered (named simply Quad), the new GG Quadster is an advanced version of the design with a big-bore version of the Yamaha R1 engine. Power is claimed to be 167bhp at the wheel, and torque is said to be 88lbft. New Quadsters however will have to be restricted to 20bhp for the European market – but according to UK importer Boom Trikes, this would be a simple throttle movement restrictor, easily removed at the owner’s discretion. In full power the four-cylinder machine both figures are vastly increased over the boxer-propelled Quad, which makes 95bhp and 72lbft.

Weight is exactly the same as the less powerful BMW-engined Quad at 375kg, giving a much higher power-to-weight ratio. Top speed is a claimed 140mph in unrestricted form - a clear 35mph faster than the Quad can manage.
The chassis is vastly similar to the effective Quad – a low slung chassis constructed entirely from machined aluminium for low weight, with high quality independent and fully adjustable suspension for each wheel. A twin-piston brake caliper grabs a 270mm disc on each wheel, with a brake lever and foot pedal arranged like a conventional bike.

The Quadster is 30mm wider than the Quad at 1430mm wide, and at 2330mm long the Quadster is 110mm longer to match stability and safety with the increased power. Power is fed to the rear wheels through a CNC-machined aluminium differential which also has a reverse gear incorporated (which is separate to the engine’s six-speed gearbox – so all six ratios and the 140mph capability could be used in reverse!)

The Quadster is due on sale in 2008 – price is likely to be higher than the £25,000 Quad, so sales are likely to be fairly limited to wealthy petrol heads. GG’s UK importer is Boom Trikes, contactable on 0161 799 7103.

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Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging