Fractures reported on Kawasaki ER6 frames

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If you’re a Kawasaki ER-6 owner, walk outside and check the frame for cracks.
A number of riders on the continent have experience the issue, but it has since emerged that a UK bike has suffered the same problem.

The problem lies with the engine mount on the right hand side (at the front of the tube that wraps around the cylinder), where a weld can split on the underside of the tube. The problem can be difficult to spot (ER6-F models will require the right hand side fairing to be removed), but tell tale signs include paint flaking off and rust forming on the bare metal.

MCN reader James Mear’s 2006 ER-6f has developed a crack on the engine mount. He told MCN: “I purchased a set of frame protectors, and when I was fitting the protectors I noticed a rust mark on the engine mounting weld. On further inspection I discovered it was cracked, it appears that the frame of the bike is wider than the engine and the engine bolt is twisting the bracket and welds as it is tightened to take up the gap.”

MCN contacted Kawasaki to find out if the issue is a danger to other ER-6 owners – this is its response.

“Kawasaki Motors UK values the feedback from MCN. In recent months there have been some reports regarding alleged problems with the frame on the ER-6n, primarily in mainland Europe. As a responsible manufacturer, Kawasaki has taken these reports very seriously. After careful investigation and testing, we were able to determine the problem was related to installation of aftermarket mushrooms. Should any action be required in the UK market, we will take the necessary action.”
• Has your ER-6 suffered frame problems? Contact MCN on 01733 468026.

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