Electric cruiser

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Electric motorcycles are nothing new but this one looks old enough to have been Thomas Edison’s own ride.

In fact, it’s a brand new motorcycle– a one-off creation attempting to combine the style of a classic Harley with the environment-friendliness of an electric motorcycle.

Built by Florida-based motorcycle tuner Jeff Patterson, the motorcycle gets its pre-war look thanks to wheels designed to look like they’re made around wooden spokes – actually they’re alloy – and a simple, hardtail chassis with a springer front end.

Where most customs motorcycles aim to show off their engines, this one blatantly shows off its own powerpack – six massive car batteries. Held in place by vintage style leather straps, they power an industrial electric motor via a small speed controller linked to the throttle.

Weighing in at just under 300kg, it’s just as hefty as most big cruisers, and its 60mph top speed is more than enough for its retro chassis. With no rear suspension to soften the bumps, the short, 70 mile range is about as far as you would want to travel on the motorcycle.



Ben Purvis

By Ben Purvis