My first track day

D Day: Friday, July 20, Donington Park. I've taken the plunge and booked my first track day; gulp! The weather forecast says could be a bit wet. Bugger. Ah well, fingers crossed.

How did it go? Well there was danger, trepidation; my nerves were frayed from the extreme concentration. Muscles were tired and cramped. I had rear slides, front slides and still I stayed the right way up. The old 955i coped with with the alien conditions, not missing a beat and doing all this old pilot could ask of it.

The reward at the end of the day? Well, a feeling of exhilaration, achievement and satisfaction that only biking can provide when facing the unknown and meeting the challenge that a day like this can throw at you.

Yep, that has to be the lairiest ride home ever!

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steve perry

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By steve perry