New Street Station: NOT biker-friendly

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I commute to Birmingham New Street railway station every day, rain, snow or shine and have been doing for a few years now. I always park my bike on the car park central reservation along with all the other bikes as there is not a dedicated motorcycle bay. This area does not interfere with road users and is not used by pedestrians so therefore does not cause any obstruction.

I came back to my bike the other day to find a parking ticket on the seat. To my amazement every bike had a parking ticket on the seat. Of couse I joined the queue of bikers asking the attendant what the tickets were all about. He said that it was nothing to do with him, he was only doing as the management have instructed.

He then directed us to a shiny new sign that had been erected at the New Street station entrance. It stated that all motorcycles must pay the usual tarrif and display the ticket in a promenant position. Of course we argued where are we supposed to display the tickets. The attendant seemed to sympathise but again stated that there was nothing he can do.

What on earth is going on? We hear all over the news about global warming and people must start to use public transport. So what shall we do to encourage this? I know, let's descriminate against everyone who rides a motorcycle and wants to catch a train from Birmingham. That way we will pay for our shiny new sign in no time.

Am I the only one who thinks that this is ridiculous? To add insult to injury New Street station has recently been in the news as being the most expensive place to park at £55 a day. So I'll buy my £55 ticket and display it in a promenant position. Maybe right in the middle of my seat. It will be safe there. Then when that gets taken and put into Honest John's car I'll have to pay for a £50 parking ticket as well.

£115 a day for using public transport. Nice incentive.

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