The difference

Having passed my test just over a month ago I was quite concerned when, heading home on one of the few dry blasts I’ve had, my new pride and joy started to burble and lose power.

Once safely alongside the curb, I began the checks: Petrol level (ok), petrol tap (fine - switch to reserve just in case), electrics (seem ok), gotta be something more serious. Try to restart her anyway (nothing). Great!

“Our man will be there within the next two hours,” say the AA. Putting the phone, I am just about to dial the better half to tell her I’ll be late for her sister's birthday bash, when I hear the horn from a bike travelling the other direction. A quick sign language conversation later and the guy has swung round and parked up behind me.

A second run through the usual suspects and still nothing. With the AA en route I tell the stranger not to worry, I’ll wait it out. Still in shock that someone had stopped and while being watched by a few of the tin box brigade, we pushed my bike to a safer location. I thanked the guy and with that he jumped back on his Fireblade bound for Surrey.

I’m sure this is not unusual in the biking world, but it’s certainly made me feel welcome and reassured that my decision to go from four wheels to two was the right one. Cheers.

About 1hr 30m later the AA turned up. They checked the bike over, started her up and declared – no idea mate, she seems fine now. Of course I told the girlfriend is was the “rotator split”, replaced onsite. The bike went in for a full service the following week and has run perfectly since.

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