Highs & lows of holidays

Published: 20 June 2007

In February 2007 we flew to New Zealand, where we picked up the bike delivered to our hotel in Christchurch, courtesy of VFR NZ (highly recommended).

We covered nearly the whole of the South Island in two weeks, seeing some of the most awesome scenery in the world. The roads were TOTALLY BRILLIANT and the people were wonderful. It couldn't be more biker-friendly.

High points: "Tea Anue"; coming around a bend and then seeing the bluest lake you could ever see. Meeting John Britten's mother in the middle of nowhere and talking for ages about her son, and finding one of his bikes when we took our bike back to Christchurch.

Low points: Dropping the camera on the last day and watching a car run over it! Finding out Sue's bank card had been cloned back in the UK, and we had been cleaned out in the bank. Mind you, a mate said: "Ah well what the f---. At least you've been there and done that and had a bit of fun along the way; cheer up and head for a pub to create another disaster...