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The 80’s are back according to latest clothing trends, and it appears that’s true for bikes at the TT too.

This year the Isle of Man TT has a very different feel, but most of that is not down to the Centenary banners all over the course and the paddock, but because of the wide variety of different styles of bikes.

There’s 80’s bikes in abundance, including a rare treat of three mates on immaculate slab-sided 1100s, plus plenty of other stuff like mint Suzuki GS1100s, RG’s, Gpz900s, you name it, there’s loads of mint examples here.

But it’s not just the 80’s which have made their comeback at the TT, there’s loads of classic bikes here too, all down to thousands of people making their TT comeback for the centenary, after a long break away.

And sites like Honda’s collection of bikes from its Motegi Collection Hall in Japan parked up in a hotel conservatory are a sight that will stay with me forever, and it’s touches like that which make the place feel even more special than usual.

The Mountain course is something that has caused controversy on the Island, as it’s closed roads over the 13-mile section from Ramsey hairpin to the Creg for the whole two weeks. But as a TT fan it’s absolutely brilliant.

When do you ever get the opportunity to ring a bike’s neck and use both sides of the roads unless your name’s McGuiness or Anstey, so to get the chance every day is simply stunning.

Though I must admit it takes a few miles before you completely trust in the organisers, and trust yourself to pile in to a corner on the wrong side of the road with the Hornet’s peg buried in the ground, sorry Honda!

Though I reported the Island felt a bit flat on Tuesday night, last night couldn’t have been more different. The TT on the Prom kicked off with Christian Pfeiffer and a host of the world’s best stunt riders showing you can do more than show off skids and wheelies down Douglas promenade.

And a lot of the atmosphere lacking on Tuesday was because the weather was rubbish and practice had been cancelled.

I watched John McGuinness’ new lap record with former WSB and former BSB champion Neil Hodgson who was having a joke with his mum about doing the TT, she told him she wouldn’t let him!

But watching it with Hodgson as the bikes rip past at 180mph, makes the amazing event even more stunning. This is a man who’s raced elbow to elbow with the best riders in the world, but has so much respect for the TT riders.
Coming up is more laps of the Island (if I can afford the extortionate petrol prices!), a big Honda press conference and more TT practice, so make sure you come back to read more ramblings tomorrow.

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Marc Potter

By Marc Potter