Misano WSB on a pair of GSX-Rs

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My friend Dave and I rode to Misano WSB last week, covering 2300 miles in the process; through the Pyrenees on the way down, arriving in Rimini on Friday evening.

The next 2 days off the bike were great with a full day at Misano. We left Rimini in Italy on Monday morning, travelling 200 miles+ of motorway, past Bologna to Stressa in the Italian riviera to a top hotel overlooking the lakes.

Tuesday was a mammoth ride: we set off from Stressa at 9am, round the lakes into Switzerland, through the Alps and right up to the top of the Alps where they protrude into the clouds. The bikes were struggling to breathe so we stopped for a coffee at the top of the Simplone Pass.

Continuing across the Swiss border into France we then pushed on to Dijon, riding in torrential rain and thunderstorms we missed our midnight ferry, arriving at docks at a wet 3am. The next ferry was cancelled so we lay in the road until boarding the 5.30am ferry home.

We finally reached the Medway towns at 7am in the morning. Total mileage for the day was 750 miles, on a pair of GSX-Rs - a proper day's ride.

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