2007 XT660X catch

I have recently purchased a 2007 XT660X, only to find out that in fact it is a new (May 2006) 2006 model.

Maybe I was the fool for buying a 2006 XT at 2007 prices!

I returned to the dealer in earnest and was told that the 2006 model was no different than the 2007, apart from a few decals.

After numerous phone calls, I was offered £200 as a goodwill gesture, which I had to spend in the shop.

Why would I want to give any more of my hard earned cash to people that have already done me over.

Once bitten, twice shy.

I just want to let your readers know that, unfortunately there are still those who will take you for all that you have.

I want to say to Damerell's Yamaha, Plymouth keep your £200, writing this letter was more fun!

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