Hammond’s Latest

Published: 07 March 2007

Fancy a sneak peek at next week’s Richard Hammond column? Here it is, and in this instalment the Telly star is getting all misty-eyed and book-worthy about a dim and distant past…

‘Spring is in the air and it’s time for us bikers to dash about  preparing ourselves for a long and idyllic summer devoted to all  things two-wheeled. It must be, because that’s what it used to say in  my biking books when I was a kid.

Long before I was allowed to ride a bike legally, I would prepare myself for the day when I could by devouring books on the subject. 

These books, mostly borrowed from the library, dealt either with bike mechanics or bike life-style. In the books on bike mechanics, they would advise that every spring we prepare our ‘machine’ for summer with a thorough post-winter service.

A series of black and white  photographs would show a man putting a fantastically well-maintained,  American-spec triumph scrambler onto a full-size hydraulic lift that  he happened to have in his garage. The bike would be lifted up to a convenient height and, using tools from a magnificent Snap On chest next to the compressor, the man would carry out basic servicing on his bike according to the instructions included along with the photographs…’

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