Youtube 'speeder' gets off

Published: 22 March 2007

Charges have been dropped against the biker accused of posting an illegal blast on his Yamaha R1 on the Internet video jukebox, You Tube.

Biker, Jeremy Parrott was ostracised by his local community and claimed he was: “treated like a sex offender” by the Police after being arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving. The video showed a motorcycle breaking the speed limit in built up areas and performing dangerous overtakes over solid white lines.

Police arrived at Parrott’s home and threatened to confiscate his computer, he was then taken to the station, questioned and swabbed for DNA. MCN spoke exclusively with Parrott at the time of the offence.

Parrott contacted MCN’s legal expert Andrew Campbell from Withy King Solicitors for assistance. Campbell undertook the case for Parrott and successfully argued that insufficient evidence made the case farcical.

He said: “Anybody unhappy with somebody could just ride the same bike as them, film it and drive it onto their drive at the end of the ride - that’s not evidence!”
Campbell also launched a stinging rebuke following over reaction by the national media: “We all advocate safe riding but what is not acceptable are trials and judgment by media before the CPS had even considered the case against Mr Parrott.

In English and Welsh law one is innocent until proven guilty and the rule of law has been upheld in this case. In other words, without any evidence a prosecution is not possible."