Our D-Day trip

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I thought this pic would make a good story - as you can see we are at Pegasus Bridge in Normandy, which was the site of one of the key strategic battles on D-Day.

Our group decided to ride to France to see how we would all get on riding abroad. We started by finding something that would be of interest to all that went. Then we found somewhere to stop - Bonsia hotels turned out to be nice and cheap.

We started off from Boston in Lincs and stopped in Calais that night after 191 miles. Moved on to Heranville-sur-mer (213 miles) the next day and had a look at the D-Day beaches then rode back to Calais the next day for another overnight stop before riding back to Boston.

The trip cost about £300.

The people in the photo are (left to right): Nick, Ian, Janet, Sheila, Dale, Christopher, Kev and Nathan.

Our bikes were two 600 Fazers, a Kawasaki ZZ-R. a 600 Bandit, a ZXR400, a GSX-R1000 and a CBR600.

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