Kawabusa II

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My first "Kawabusa" (MCN March 1 2006 ) was such a blast to ride, I decided to build another one!

This one's an 03 ZRX1200R, with a Busa motor, forks, swingarm, and brakes. Tail section is off an 05 gixxer 1000, headlight's Bandit, and the gauges are off an 02 GSX1400. Renthal bars, Pyramid hugger, and a couple of Yoshi cans finish it off.

On the original Kawabusa, the fuel injection ended up under the tank, which resulted in cutting a big area out of the bottom of the tank for an airbox (a lot of work), and lost tank capacity, so on this one I made some elbows, and turned the fuel injection down into a more natural "carb look", which also allowed me to fit bellmouths.

I'm a Brit, living in the States, and I like to put my stuff in MCN 'cos the Yanks ain't got a clue when it comes to building hot rod bikes!

Checkout www.midmomc.com for details of the original Kawabusa, and some more pics of this one.

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Norm Wilding

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