Watch the world's fastest electric bike

Published: 02 May 2007

Here’s conclusive proof that electric bikes can be cool - meet the 350bhp Killacycle.

Built by American Bill Dube, the Killacycle is the fastest electric-powered motorcycle in the world.

It has recently posted a 0-60mph time in just 1.4 seconds, and the bike’s best quarter mile drag run was just 8.76 seconds with a top speed of 145mph!

The bike is powered by 880 mobile phone batteries which supply up to 1350amps to the twin direct current motors, producing over 350bhp. Unlike traditional dragsters which use large amounts of expensive fuel on each run, the Killacycle costs less than a penny in electricity for each run, and the batteries only require recharging once every six runs.

Charges currently take just 12 minutes, however, the Killacycle’s designer is working on a quicker system that will take just five minutes.